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While reading this Privacy Policy, whenever you run into the terms listed below you should give them the meanings defined in this section.
Privacy Code: Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003, no. 196.
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Dear User,
according to the requirements of the Privacy Code, we hereby inform you that Eezecard s.r.l., acting as data controller, will process your personal information, which we may collect and that you provide and/or other parties may disclose during navigation and the use of our website.
The processing of the information that you freely provided, or that was otherwise collected during navigation, will be carried out in accordance with the currently existing privacy regulations; in particular, the processing will be based on principles of fairness, lawfulness and transparency; the data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive; the data will be collected and recorded for the sole purposes referred to in article 4 and kept for no longer than is necessary for such purposes.
The rules on the collection and processing of your data are governed by this Privacy Policy, which is an integral and complete part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Website
Please read our Privacy Policy carefully, as it applies, and is considered accepted, in any case of access to the Website and if you decide to navigate within it and use its services, regardless of the purchase of the Eezecard. Please read carefully also the General Terms and Conditions, Terms and Conditions of Use and Cookie Policy of
In order to receive other information on the processing of your data, you can send a request by writing an e-mail to our Customer Service department at the following address:, or by writing to the address of the registered office of Eezecard s.r.l.

Our company may amend and/or update the Privacy Policy in whole or in part.
Such amendments shall be effective once they are published on the website
Amendments and/or updates to the Privacy Policy are highlighted and available on the Home Page.
If you are in disagreement with the Privacy Policy and subsequent amendments, you may interrupt the use of the Website at any time.

Eezecard s.r.l., with registered office in Bologna, via della Braina no. 13, is the data controller of the personal data collected through the Website. The processing related to the web services of this website mainly takes place at the aforementioned registered office and is carried out by the personnel in charge of processing.
Our company adopts safety procedures in order to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

In order to access certain services, such as purchasing the product, you must provide your personal information to Eezecard s.r.l. by registering on the Website.
The mandatory personal information you must provide is marked with an asterisk, next to field to fill in, on the Website.
If you do not fill in the mandatory field, you cannot access the related service.
You can ask Eezecard s.r.l., at any time, all the details of your personal data and information relating to the activities on the Website.

Eezecard s.r.l. processes your personal data, mainly with computer systems and electronic devices of our property or of third parties, selected by ensuring their reliability, expertise and professionalism.
Your expressed consent is necessary for the processing of some specific data, or for certain purposes, for example when the creation of a user profile based on your preferences and purchases is required, in order to send information related to your interests and inclinations.
In all other cases where an expressed consent is not required, our company may freely process your data without any further authorisation, considering this Privacy Policy read and accepted in all its parts.
The main purposes of the data processing include:
Management of purchases and requested services, questions about Eezecard's characteristics, status of orders, right of withdrawal, internal management of accounting, payments and fiscal, administrative and legal obligations. The provision of personal data for such purposes is mandatory and any refusal will make it impossible to establish contractual relationships. The processing of such data does not require the consent of the data subject.
User profiling for sending newsletters and commercial communications, advertising material and/or offers of goods and services also of third parties; marketing activities with traditional or automated instruments. Your expressed consent is required for this purpose of data processing. Provision of personal data for such purposes is not mandatory.
The disclosure and/or transfer, also upon payment, of the processed data to third parties, by way of example, for advertising purposes, direct sale of services, or for carrying out market research, profiling or sending commercial communications with traditional or automated tools.

User data may be disclosed and/or transferred to the following categories of third parties:

  • legal persons, partnerships or companies, individual enterprises;
  • landline and mobile telephone companies;
  • companies which operate in the publishing world (printed, internet, television and new media);
  • companies which operate in the field of e-commerce of products and services;
  • companies which operate in the world of fashion and clothing;
  • companies operating in the e-commerce sector and in large and medium distribution;
  • advertising agencies, media and contact centres;
  • companies operating in the financial, insurance and banking sectors;
  • research institutes or companies;
  • public entities;
  • private entities;
  • consultants and self-employed professionals, also in associate form;
  • parent companies, subsidiaries and/or affiliates;

Your expressed consent is required for this purpose of data processing. Provision of personal data for such purposes is not mandatory.

d) The disclosure and/or transfer, also upon payment, of the processed data to third parties, as described in the previous letter c), also to non-EU countries. Your expressed consent is required for this purpose of data processing. Provision of personal data for such purposes is not mandatory.

4.5 Eezecard s.r.l., parent companies, subsidiaries and/or affiliates, as well as third parties contractually bound to the Company in relation to the relevant activity or to whom the relevant data was disclosed may carry out the activities specified in paragraphs b), c) and d) of article 4.4 by any means, including, by way of example and not limited to: i) mail, ii) Internet, iii) telephone, iv) E-mail, v) MMS, vi) SMS, from Italy or abroad (also from non-EU countries).
The processing of personal data is carried out using paper and computer tools used exclusively for goals connected to the above mentioned purposes and, in any case, in such a way as to guarantee data security and confidentiality.
Data processing may be carried out on our Company's behalf by third parties that provide data processing services or carry out activities complementary to or necessary for the performance of the requested services and operations, which are appointed data processors on behalf of Eezecard s.r.l on each occasion.
Your personal data may be disclosed to subjects connected with Eezecard s.r.l., without specific consent, insofar as is necessary for the management of sales on the Website, product delivery,  warranty or the exercise of the Right of Withdrawal A.
Eezecard s.r.l. may process personal data of third parties, even if not directly acquired from them but disclosed to our Company by the User, as when a subject different from the User makes the payment. In that case if you provide the data of another subject, you must have previously obtained the consent from the data subject and, in any case, agree to acquire it, releasing Eezecard s.r.l. from any burden or liability.

Eezecard s.r.l. may rely on the following data controllers:
couriers and transport companies in general, who process the data necessary to arrange and execute the shipping, delivery and return of the paper Eezecards purchased on the Website;
specialized operators who process the data necessary to manage and maintain applications and web servers; to complete, manage and monitor purchase orders for Products sold on the Website; to make improvements and updates to the Website, evaluate the use and make improvements to the Website's operation and other services necessary for the management of the sales portal and provision of the related services;
specialized operators who process the data necessary to provide call centre services and customer care for Users;
subjects offering paper Eezecard warranty services.

5.2 The up-to-date list of Data Controllers and processors is available at the registered office of Eezecard s.r.l. For further details please contact our Custome Care, by sending an email to

The data will be stored for a period of time not exceeding what is necessary for collection purposes, after which they will be destroyed or rendered unusable.

Under article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 the User has the right to:
know which personal data have been collected and processed through the Website;
know the origin, purpose and methods of data processing;
know the identity of the data controller and processors;
know the names of the subjects to whom data may be disclosed or who may learn of the personal data in the performance of their duties (for example: data controllers);
obtain updating, rectification and integration of personal data;
obtain deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in breach of the law, including those for which no storage is required in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
object to the processing of personal data, even if the processing is linked to the purposes of the collection and use stated in the Regulations;
object to the processing of personal data for advertising purposes or direct/web marketing mailings, or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

We also inform you that Your personal data will not be transferred abroad, to non-EU countries, that do not provide sufficient privacy protection. Eezecard s.r.l. may happen to handle personal data of third parties, directly disclosed to Eezecard s.r.l. by its Users, for example if the User purchases a Product to be delivered to a friend or when the subject that pays for the purchase of the Product is different from the subject for which the Product is destined, or even when the User intends to report to a friend a service of or the sale of a particular Product.
On these occasions, Eezecard s.r.l. will inform the third party of the notice required by article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 during registration of the data in the archive, but the User must still obtain the consent of the person to whom the data refers before disclosure to Eezecard s.r.l. and inform him about this Privacy Policy. In fact, the User will be solely responsible for the disclosure of information and data relating to third parties without their consent or for their inappropriate or illegal use. We inform you that the consent of these persons is not necessary when the data is communicated to Eezecard s.r.l. for the conclusion of the contract, with Eezecard s.r.l., in favour of the third party.
Eezecard s.r.l. reserves the right to delete all accounts and all related data in the event that any illegal content, damaging the image of Eezecard s.r.l. and/or its products or third parties, or content in any way offensive or promoting illegal or defamatory activities, that incites violence, promotes discrimination related to race, sex, religion and sexual orientation is found.

Our Website contains links to other websites that may not have any connection to our Company, for example e-commerce websites of Eezecard s.r.l.'s commercial Partners. Eezecard s.r.l. does not control or monitor such websites or their contents and may not be held liable for the contents of these websites and their regulations, also with respect to the privacy of the User and the processing of personal data during navigation. Therefore please pay attention when linking to these websites, using the links on our website and carefully read their terms and conditions of use and privacy policies. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites. Our website provides links to these websites solely to help the users in their research and navigation and to allow hyperlinking to other websites on the Internet. The activation of these links does not imply any recommendation or notice from Eezecard s.r.l. for accessing and browsing these websites, nor any guarantee as to their contents, services or goods provided and sold to Internet users.

If you wish to receive further information about how Eezecard s.r.l. processes your personal data, please contact us at the following e-mail address
For information concerning your rights and for updates on legislation concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal information please visit the Data Protection Authority's website at:

This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and specifically by the Code regarding personal data protection (Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003 no. 196) which regulates the processing of personal data – including data stored abroad – carried out by any party residing or based in Italy. The Code guarantees that the processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as respecting the dignity of the interested party, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to data protection.