With eezecard you can make a gift solo, or shared with a group of friends, in a fast, simple and thoughtful way.
Pick the gift card's amount that best suits your pocket → Eezecard always adds his share to your gift, hence making any eezecard worth more than the amount paid.
Link it with one of the many brands we have carefully selected.
If you aren't fond of your choice, give us some information about the card's receipient and our Gift Assistant Service will help you out with great ideas!
Once you have chosen the brand and the amount of the gift card, you will only need to enter the recipient's data in order to complete the transaction.
You can make your present tender by adding a message and thoughtful by picking the sending date so that it coincides with the exact day you want to celebrate.

The eezecard you received works like any digital gift card.
Each gift card is a promocode to be used exclusively on the official e-commerce of the brand linked to it.

- Browse the brand's online shop catalogue and make your choice,

- Select the products and fill up your cart,

- Go to check out page

- Enter the promocode in the dedicated box to recalculate the cart's total.

Treat any cart's outstanding balance as a normal transaction, paying any difference with the paying systems accepted by the brand. Have a great shopping time!

Any digital eezecard will be sent instantly to the receipient by email. In alternative, you may choose to send it on a specific date, for a specific occasion (birthday, anniversary, ecc).
All eezecards are sent, on the chosen date, at 12.

Any eezecard buyer can ask for refund within 14 days of the purchase date.
Log in to your account and select 'return policy' in the 'my orders' section of our website.
Once the appropriate checks  have been made, will cancel the giftcard and the outstanding amount will be immediately credited back to the payment method used to make the purchase.
Remember that you can only ask for refund for eezecards that have not yet been used.
If the eezecard has been used and you want to request the refund of an already purchased product, we invite you to check the R&R policy of the brand with which you have completed the purchase.

It is very important that the eezecard buyer carefully fills in the recipient's data in order to guarantee the security of the whole procedure.
In the event of theft or loss of an eezecard, we advise you to contact our customer service to request an immediate block of the promo code linked to the card.
Any transaction carried out with the gift card, before the report of theft or loss, cannot be cancelled or refunded.